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Ответы на тест по английскому


l. B    2. А  3. С, D   4. А, Е   5. В, F    6. В, Е   7. С, D  8.С, Е   9. В  10. A, D   11. С, Е   12. A, F 13. А, Е   14. В, D    15. В, F   16. А, Е    17. С, F    18. С, D


1. Plants die if you (not / water) them.

A won’t water

В don’t water

С wouldn’t water

2. If I had one million dollars, I (probably / buy) a yacht.

A would probably buy

В will probably buy

С probably bought

3. — How did it happen that you missed you stop?

— I (not / miss) it if the conductor (announce) the stops.

A wouldn’t miss D had announced

В hadn’t missed E would have announced

С wouldn’t have missed F announced

4. What a pity my husband is away! If he (be) here, he (help) us.

A were D will help

В would be here E would help

С is F helps

5. If I (get up) early tomorrow morning, I (go) jogging.

A will get up D go

В get up E am going to go

С got up F will go

6. You look tired. If I (be) you, I (take) a holiday.

A be D will take

В were E would take

С have been F take

7. If Benjamin Franklin (not/work) so hard, he (not/become) the symbol of America.

A didn’t work D wouldn’t have become

В wouldn’t have worked E hadn’t become

С hadn’t worked F wouldn’t become

8. — Did you say anything when he asked you?

— No, I didn’t. You see, if I (say) even a word, he (fly) into a rage.

A said D flew

В would said E would have flown

С had said F had flown

9. Would it be all right if I (come) round at about six?

A come

В came

С will come

10. If you (not / be) at a loose end last month, you (pass) your exam. But you failed it.

A hadn′t been D would have passed

В wouldn’t have been E would pass

С were not F will pass

11. If the water (be heated) to 100 °С, it (boil).

A will be heated D would boil

В would be heated E boils

С is heated F boil

12. If pigs (have) wings, they (fly).

A had D will fly

В have E fly

С would have F would fly

13. I (do) the same if I (be) in your shoes.

A would do D am

В will do E were

С would have done F will be

14. If I (see) her, I (speak) to her. But I didn’t see her and speak to her.

A saw D would have spoken

В had seen E spoke

С would have seen F would speak

15. Hurry up! (not / get) good seats if we (arrive) late.

A don’t get D arrived

В won’t get E will arrive

С didn’t get F arrive

16. If I (know) that you were coming, I (meet) you at the airport. I had a lot of time to do that.

A had known D would meet

В knew E would have met

С would have known F will meet

17. If Columbus (not / have) such a passion for travelling, he (discover) America in 1492.

A hadn’t D hadn’t discover

В wouldn’t have had E didn’t discover

С hadn′t had F wouldn’t have discovered

18. Robby, look at that man! If he (work) harder at school, he (not / sweep) the streets now.

A worked D wouldn’t be sweeping

В would have worked E wouldn’t have swept

С had worked F won’t be sweeping

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